martes, 16 de junio de 2009

Just about.

So, as you may know
(Or notice for the pathetic amount of posts I have),
I'm new at blogspot. So I thought of starting with the basics.
My name is Diana, I am a 15 (Soon 16) year old girl from Mexico.
Yes, I'm from Mexico, I don't wear a big hat everyday and I don't ride
a donkey to school (That's only for prom).
I really don't hate were I live, but not to be pesimist, the weather is
really annoying, and people (mostly teenagers), THE OH HEAVENLY teenagers, they tease
my inner monster. But some of the things I really love about my city, is that some people,
I repeat, SOME are really kind, generous, outgoing and warm. I also love the interest in culture
and the desire of becoming better and more artistic beigns.
Talking about music, I don't have a "Special genre", classic rock, indie, alternative, electronic, So many genres so little time.
I love taking pictures, but not of myself, I'm pretty camera shy, And not photogenic, AT ALL.
I love daydreaming, sometimes dreams get so extreme that, I imagine my life is that way, and I believe it, then I wake up, and realize I'm drooling over my textbook (a.k.a math book).
I really don't have anything else to write or any picture to upload, except by this :)

Don't think I'm a skater, I can barely keep my feet in the ground, now imagine in a skate board. I don't like that picture, I'll try to take more, to make my blog a little more interesting.

Ciao ♥

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  1. ¬¬ I took that picture dude, you better like it !
    HAHAHA, sí, tengo el bendito blog (canción de iglesia).
    xD. Ti amo ♥