sábado, 4 de julio de 2009


First of all thanks Cesc for tagging me. (Planetcesc)
I'm not quite good at these things, but I'll try to do the best I can!

4 Things.
4 Things I'm looking forward to:

1. Getting drum lessons.

2. Buying a new camera.
3. Finishing THE BOOK.

4. Paint some t-shirts.

4 Things I did yesterday:

1. Finished reading June Mexican Nylon mag.

(That's my finger people)

2. Had my period (Sad).

3. Had mental arguing of how every man (but my brother) has disappointed me, seriously, even gay ones.

4. Day dreamed about living in Italy.

4 Things I wish I could do:
1. Play drums!!

2. Kiss Julian Casablancas.


3. Have a coffee with Terry Richardson.

4. Take a picture with a hummingbird (Just like Jessy).

4 Gorgeous bloggers I'll tag:
1. Eleniii
2. Pansieberry
3. Asunlitday
4. La femme chic.

viernes, 3 de julio de 2009

Sorry America.

I was listening to Bikini Kill, watching some old baby pictures, and painting my nails yellow
(Eat your heart out octomom), when something came to my mind, isn't tomorrow,
4th of July? Believe, not a big deal for me, I live in Mexico, but I have a lot of family that is American. Basically 4th of July is the time to eat lots of greasy food, see your aunt wilhemina gossip with your mom about the new neighbor's hairdue, OH! And how could I forget the amazing fire works! GO AHEAD KIDS! PLAY WITH FIRE! Not really, I'm just being sarcastic.
I think 4th of July is time to spend it with your friends and family, being proud of your nation, and stuff like that. We mexicans have, quince de septiembre, día de la independencia, which is almost the same thing, fat old men who happens to be DRUNK, yelling "VIVA MEXICO", so yeah, it's a big deal. I just wish the best for you, my readers, thanks for spending your precious time on the development of my stupidity! I really appreciate you.
Damn, I think I just broke my diet, stupid brownie.


Oh my gosh, almost forgot to tell you, this website, I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT IT IS. It's amazing, quite disturbing, but so cool, I love alice in wonderland, and the music is so catchy, maybe this has subliminal messages, but I seriously don't care.
http://tinyurl.com/dhjo8e If you are as crazy as me, you'll love this, and the amazing part, is that you can do the same with any video you want.
This is a mexican store I really desire to visit before I die, the name , pretty obvious, their stuff: amazing.

We love the Ditto.

I think most of you know Beth Ditto, if not, she's de chubby lead singer of
one of my favorite bands : (The) Gossip. I seriously think she's more powerful than mother
teresa and oprah together (Exagerating). I really admire almost everuthing about her,
her voice, her looks, and her attitude. She doesn't give a damn if you think it's disturbing, if she wants to she'll sing "Standing in the way of control" in some pink lamé tights and an american apparel cropped v-neck. She's just proud of her curves and her sexuality. But talking about her is not why I decided to write this. I was just looking around, LIKE always. And I found out that she's about to release her own clothing line with the british brand EVANS, it will be released tomorrow, and it includes dresses, skirts, pants, tights, tops. Ditto's goal was to create cloth for women her size (SHE'S AMAZING). The only thing that dissapointed me a little was the tiny amount of pictures I found.

Maybe this is not your style, somehow it's not even mine, they are a little bit too overdone, but I imagine a curvy woman wearing these, how amazing she'll feel. Soemtimes we don't realize, we always see heavier people as the "funny ones", that they really don't give damn about themselves, but that's not right, sometimes, like we do, they need something to boost up their self-esteem. This is why I love Beth Ditto, she's and amazing woman, of course she had her "britney crazy" times, but we all do (Still trying to forget those memories). I don't know why, but after reading that article I just wanted to get up my chair and yell: "YOU GO GIRL!" but oprah would probably hate me for stealing her phrase.

Au revoir.