viernes, 3 de julio de 2009

Sorry America.

I was listening to Bikini Kill, watching some old baby pictures, and painting my nails yellow
(Eat your heart out octomom), when something came to my mind, isn't tomorrow,
4th of July? Believe, not a big deal for me, I live in Mexico, but I have a lot of family that is American. Basically 4th of July is the time to eat lots of greasy food, see your aunt wilhemina gossip with your mom about the new neighbor's hairdue, OH! And how could I forget the amazing fire works! GO AHEAD KIDS! PLAY WITH FIRE! Not really, I'm just being sarcastic.
I think 4th of July is time to spend it with your friends and family, being proud of your nation, and stuff like that. We mexicans have, quince de septiembre, día de la independencia, which is almost the same thing, fat old men who happens to be DRUNK, yelling "VIVA MEXICO", so yeah, it's a big deal. I just wish the best for you, my readers, thanks for spending your precious time on the development of my stupidity! I really appreciate you.
Damn, I think I just broke my diet, stupid brownie.


Oh my gosh, almost forgot to tell you, this website, I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT IT IS. It's amazing, quite disturbing, but so cool, I love alice in wonderland, and the music is so catchy, maybe this has subliminal messages, but I seriously don't care. If you are as crazy as me, you'll love this, and the amazing part, is that you can do the same with any video you want.
This is a mexican store I really desire to visit before I die, the name , pretty obvious, their stuff: amazing.

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